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female ejaculate

what is female ejaculate comprised of? a video by squirtable.combecause female ejaculate comes from the urethra, a very common misconception is that the fluid that emits during a squirting orgasm is actually urine. just because it comes from the same placedoesn’t necessarily mean it’s the same

female ejaculate, thing, and female ejaculate are actually quite different from urine in a variety of ways. if the bladder hasn’t been emptied, someone may find its way into the ejaculate, but female ejaculate is primarily something else entirely. first and foremost, urine originates from the bladder, while female ejaculate originates

from the skene gland. the scene gland is located near to the opening of the urethra and can be stimulated through the vaginal opening, while the bladder rests much higher up and isn’t stimulated sexually. the fluid that comes out during a squirting orgasm is the fluid that builds up within this gland when stimulated, and it is fluid that can vary in textur…

corticosteroid creams

they're medical devicesroutinely used by both men and women. and as a growing numberof the us population ages, it's a device certain to increase indemand and use. and we're talking about urinarycatheters. and while a sensitive medical topic, no doubt, it'sone that really merits

corticosteroid creams, discussion.with us to do exactly that, nikki mccormick, managingdirector for wellspect healthcare. also joining us thismorning is dr. matthew sand, a urologist with the shepherdcenter in atlanta. and later on
we're going to get a close upand personal conversation with two catheter users. youngadults, benefiting from the use of state of the art to lend their personal perspective on this importanttopic. good morning to both of you.good morning. nikki, let me start with you.let's talk about exactly what is a urinary catheter and what it'sused for. ok, well, intimate incatheterization is the second best way to enter your bladder.the first way is what…

bump on head

welcome back to passionate 4 angels my name is aron and on today's episode like to continue our series on breeding angelfish and today's episode iwould like to talk about how to obtain a breeding pair angels so stay tuned we'll be right back

bump on head, in our last episode we showed you how to set up a breedingtank for angelfish if you missed that episode we recommend that you click the buttonbelow before continuing
now that your aquarium has been set up andcycled and ready for fish our next step is to get a pair of angelfish. there are commonly two ways for this to happen thefirst method is to openly purchase a proven pair of angels in this manner youhave an instant pair of angelfish this can be very expensive to getstarted we recommend that you check with local area breeders before ordering online. the second method is cheaper but takes a lot longer and is our preferred method for obtaining pairs. start with six to10 angel fish they can be any size. feed them well, k…


there are lots of different nasals spraysand most of them are used the same way. but, people often don't use them properly.text: to keep the medicine in the nose, follow these steps.first you want to look down like you're reading a book.then, using the opposite hand to opposite nostril, you want to insert your nose spraystraight back and tilt outward, then do one

avamys, or two sprays.the reason we tell you to tilt the nozzle away from the middle of your nose, is becauseif you spray the middle septum time and time again, that can cause nose bleeds.text: it's best to help younger children with their nose spray.have the child sit down and you stand or squat
in front of them. and using a similar technique,have the child look down like they're reading a book. you insert the nozzle straight backand tilt outward toward their eye or ear on that side. then do one or two squirts.the reason we suggest you look down like you're reading a book is that prevents the medicinefrom…

am i overweight

jess, big day today... yeah, it's the day dudeare you sure that she's the one? i'm sure...i'm sure! oh god it feels so good to say it for thefirst time! they say love is like a mustard seedsmall at the start

am i overweight, buried far out of sighthey there... it's uh...august 17th, 2016 and um... i just got back... i think i just met my future wifeoh, oh my gosh
it's it! yeah... it's time?'s good! let's do thisso jesse... why are you really here? well sir... i've come to ask you one thing... can i have your daughter's hand in marriage?
yet with great careattention devotionand patience such a seed will yield a crop worth it's gold here we go jess! i love you mandude, i love you you're gonna kill itpeople will doubt people will forgetbut the seed does not depend on such things for the seed is something moresomething... beautifulbeauty is raw
beauty is purebut is beauty all that we seek? or is there something more…